how long to boil potatoes

Potatoes are cheap, widely available, healthy, contain a number of valuable elements. If you have problems cooking potatoes, read how to do it carefully.

Sometimes potatoes come out… completely tasteless. Why is this happening? It all depends on the potato type, peeling, time and method of preparation. How to boil potatoes to get the maximum taste out of them?

How do we boil potatoes?

As a rule, we boil the potatoes in water. We need a large, deep pot for this. The time to cook potatoes depends on their size. The larger the potato, the longer it cooks. If we don’t cook potatoes in their skins, we have to peel them. While peeling, try to immerse the knife very shallow, so that the dark layer itself leaves them. A lot of nutritional value is in the potato just under the skin. Similarly with cooking temperature. Vitamin C contained in potatoes easily disappears in cold water. Therefore, it will be better if we throw our potatoes in already boiling water.

boiling potatoes

Potatoes can also be cooked in so-called uniforms. This means that we don’t always have to peel them. Young potatoes, which are experiencing their hottest time in the summer, are definitely the best. However, we must remember to clean such potatoes.

How long to boil potatoes?

We often wonder whether to cook potatoes in cold or boiling water. It turns out that both methods are suitable, however, throwing them into hot water, we will stop the process of starch release and leaching of vitamins.

How much time to cook potatoes? It depends on the intended form of administration, as well as the age and size of the vegetables. If we want to serve them in full, about 20 minutes are enough, but if their purpose is puree, they will need a bit more time. New and small potatoes will be ready after 10-15 minutes. It is worth remembering to cook vegetables in a larger pot. Thanks to this, more steam will remain undercover and the tubers will cook faster.

Tips for boiling potatoes

Adding a tablespoon of oil or butter to cooking water will make the water not boil over, the potatoes will cook a little faster, and retain their beautiful color. Vinegar and lemon juice will also have a negative effect on the lack of color change. For a more original taste, you can also add a clove of garlic, fresh basil, thyme, rosemary.

Put potatoes in their uniforms in cold, salted water and cook for about 20 minutes from the moment of boiling, if necessary a little longer. At the initial stage (before we bring the water to a boil) we cook on a larger gas, then screw the gas. When the potatoes in their skins are ready, the skin begins to crack slightly.

What to use boiled potatoes for?

Boiled potatoes can be used for many dishes. They can be used as an addition in the form of purees or as a whole. We can cut them into slices or strips and additionally fry them. It is worth putting them in the oven and bake. The range of possibilities is really rich. We encourage you to eat and cook potatoes often.



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