How to make a milkshake

Milkshake or shake is a sweet thick drink whose basic ingredients are milk and ice cream. Milkshake had its roots at the end of the 19th century, and their increase in popularity was directly related to the development and greater availability of electric mixers. How to make a milkshake you’ll fall in love with?

What does a milkshake consist of?

As the name implies, milkshake recipes contain a lot of milk, ice cream, cream – everything creamy. Dessert cocktails delight with their creamy texture and taste. The best thing about these cocktails is that you can easily replace and exchange classic ingredients. Don’t hesitate to use almond milk or another substitute. Try and season them the way you like them best!

making milkshakes

The popularity of milkshake

The real era of shakes’ splendor falls in the 1950s. It was then that they entered the canon of American fast-food, and places serving burgers, fries and just milkshakes could be found on every corner. Sweet sheikhs, pastel interiors and pin-up girls smiling from posters are a part of American pop culture that we know well. There is a reason in Pulp Fiction, John Travolta and Uma Thurman talk about the qualities of Five Dollar Milkshake in a retro bar from the 50s.

Currently, the style of the 1950s is also experiencing a small renaissance in cinema or series. The proof of this is even the meeting place of the main characters of the Riverdale series – Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe.

Preparation of a real American milkshake is very easy. Such a shake will be great as a dessert on hot days or as a drink for themed parties. We invite you to test our milkshake recipe!

Milkshake recipes

Banana shake

1 banana, half a glass of milk, approx. 200 g. Natural yogurt, honey as desired.

This is the simplest milkshake recipe. Just blend all the ingredients and the shake is ready. If you want the shake to be immediately cool, you can freeze the banana beforehand and add a few ice cubes.

Chocolate Shake

Blend a glass of 3.2% milk, approx. 480 vanilla or cream ice cream, 30 grams of milk chocolate. Remember that such a shake is not only to taste, but also to look. Do not regret the whipped cream or sweets on top. Make chocolate coating or crumble cookies or biscuits. Let fantasy take you the more the better!

Milkshakes give you a lot of fun. You can make them from any fruit or sweets. The only thing you have to do is proportion. Too much milk will make the shake too liquid, while too much fruit will make it too thick and not be able to drink through a straw. If you do not want to add ice cream to your shake, you can add cream – onan will also make the constitution delicate and creamy. But remember to keep it chilled. If you do not have a blender, you can use a mixer, but then remember not to add highly frozen fruit or ice cubes – the mixer will not crush them and will only cause a mess in the kitchen. If you want the dessert to be cold use ice cream or just put it in the fridge before serving.




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