how long are cats pregnant

Diagnosis of pregnancy in a cat is not so easy. Cat pregnancy during the first three weeks generally does not show any characteristic symptoms. So if the female is outgoing or lives with an uncastrated male, then the moment when the female becomes pregnant we can simply overlook. How long does a cat’s pregnancy last?

Signs of pregnancy

  • Pregnant cats will not show signs of oestrus, although this does not guarantee pregnancy, it only indicates that ovulation has taken place; a cat may have an imaginary pregnancy.
  • A pregnant kitty may also occasionally experience nausea. Although it may take the form of ‘morning sickness’, it is important that you consult a veterinarian if it occurs frequently, permanently or if the kitty deviates from the norm in any other way and this affects her appetite.
  • Your cat will gradually gain weight from one to two kilograms, depending on the number of kittens. This is definitely an indicator of pregnancy. Pregnancy can be accurately diagnosed by ultrasound after only 15 days (by an experienced diagnostician), beating hearts are visible from the 17th day, and the number of kittens can be determined by a doctor in X-ray after 40 days.
  • The abdomen will begin to grow, but avoid touching it so as not to risk damaging the fetuses. There are other causes for abdominal enlargement, so keep a close eye on your cat for any signs of illness, and if anything worries you, consult a veterinarian.
  • Your cat’s behavior may become ‘motherly’ and it may start to purr a lot. Later in pregnancy, some cats also have a tendency to increase their appetite or, on the contrary, may have a problem with food.
how long are cats pregnant

How long does a cat’s pregnancy last?

The gestation period lasts just over two months: about 9 weeks. But these are only estimates, and a cat’s pregnancy may well last from 58 to 72 days. When a kitten gives birth to kittens even 10 days earlier, it is likely that small kittens will not survive.

The tummy of a pregnant cat will not be large until a few weeks before delivery. However, the veterinarian can sense the kittens in the abdomen after at least three weeks. At the beginning of pregnancy, the nipples of pregnant cats become dark pink and this will be the first sign that is worth paying attention to. During the whole pregnancy there are no major changes – up to the last two weeks. Then the instinctive preparations of the future mother begin: increased appetite, looking for a nest and a significant enlargement of the nipples, which will soon feed the young.


Is your kitty pregnant? Remember the benefits of castration. There are a lot of homeless animals in shelters that are waiting for loving guardians. No cat pregnancy is needed as long as there is at least one murmur in the cuddle. However, the period of cat breeding is approaching, and because, unfortunately, not all animals are deprived of breeding, many cats will soon become mothers. Here’s what you should know to help both her and her unborn babies.



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