The cheeses are a great addition to the grill menu. They can be served as an independent dish or as an addition to meats, vegetables and fruits. Grilled cheese is a real delicacy! See how to make grilled cheese.

How to make grilled cheese: cheese selection

You can put cheese from cow’s and goat’s milk on the grill. Blue cheese, camembert cheese, mozzarella cheese, feta cheese and hard, full-fat Dutch cheese are perfect for grilling, but choose cheese wisely – select those without holes.

We do not put cheddar, gouda or Emmentaler directly on the grill. These cheeses are best cut into thicker slices, wrapped in foil or grilled on aluminium trays. Thanks to this they will not stick to the grill.

You can bake some cheese directly on the grill, as its surface is very compact. However, when cheese is large, you need to cut it into thick slices, and then it is better to use a tray or aluminium foil for grilling. Halloumi can also be grilled without the tray. It is a type of Cypriot brine cheese, with a compact but very flexible texture.

grilled cheese methods

Grilled yellow cheese

To prepare it, you must first cut it into slices 1.5 – 2 cm thick, wrap twice in batter (always first in an egg and then in breadcrumbs) so that it covers the entire surface of the slice and then wrap in albumin foil or grill on special aluminum trays. Fried cheese should be served when it is firm and still hot – then it tastes best and melts in the mouth. You can puncture it with a toothpick to check its consistency. Grilled cheese itself is served on lettuce leaves or with tomatoes, with the addition of various sauces and herbs. The most suitable types of cheese for grilling in this way are Dutch (without holes) hard, full-fat cheese, such as Edam Cheese. It is worth adding that such a solution can be an idea for the main course of the meeting.

Grilled Camembert

To make the cheese aromatic, prepare the marinade. You will need olive oil, rosemary, sweet pepper, pepper and thyme. You can also try a sweet addition in the form of a few drops of cranberry juice. Combine all the ingredients of the marinade and immerse the cheese in it for half an hour. Place the marinated cheese on the grill or grill pan. Grill until golden brown. Turn it over and bake the other side in the same way. Do not prick the cheese with a fork – rotate it with a spatula. Serve the camembert with cranberry sauce.

Grilled halloumi cheese

It is a great addition to a sandwich or salad. Cut the cheese into 0.3-5 cm thick slices, grill in a preheated pan without fat or on the grill. 2-3 minutes on each side. You can put this grilled cheese on toast or add it to chicken salad. You can also eat it solo as a snack.

Cheese as an addition to the grill or as a main meal is a way to a quick, simple and above all a delicious feast. The cheese will definitely add variety to the barbecue menu, surprise guests and bring additional taste and aesthetic experiences that will make our grilling even more special.


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