how long to bake chicken

It would seem that it is enough to put the meat on a baking tray, grate or sleeve, close it in the oven and wait. However, this is not all. The texture, taste and appearance of roasted meat are affected by its type, size, and oven parameters and settings. Often, meat cooked according to the recipe may turn out to be dry and hard. Do you want your meat to be always juicy? You don’t know how much time to bake chicken? Try our tips.

Baked chicken – perfect temperature

Chicken roasting temperature is not difficult to control. Most recipes indicate how suitable it will be. Chicken is meat that doesn’t need much time to bake, so it’s worth watching how it behaves during cooking.

baking chicken

Tips on baking chicken

  • A few hours before baking, you can soak the meat in brine or buttermilk, then rinse and wipe thoroughly, for example, with a paper towel. Thanks to this, it will be fragile and delicate after processing.
  • Meat should be removed from the fridge about an hour before planned cooking. If you put cold chicken directly into a preheated oven, the outside and inside will bake unevenly.
  • Chicken breasts should be baked in parchment, baking sleeve or ovenproof dish with a lid. Then they will definitely come out juicy. To make the crust appetizing, 15 minutes before the end of baking, you can reveal the parchment, carefully cut the sleeve or remove the cover.
  • If the skin flushes too much, you can cover the chicken with aluminum foil, which will inhibit direct toasting.
  • After roasting, leave the chicken out of the oven for 10 minutes. This will make the juices spread evenly throughout the meat and will not flow out during cutting.

Roast chicken in the sleeve

Mix the spice with olive oil and rub the chicken. Cut the vegetables and wrap the chicken. Leave for a minimum of 1-2 hours. Then put the chicken in the sleeve, including vegetables and the sauce made. Close the sleeve. Bake for 1.5 hours, then cut the sleeve and bake at your discretion. When baking, the vegetables are at the bottom, they only have to add smell and flavor to the chicken.

What temperature for baking chicken?

Many people are afraid of roasting whole chicken. They have different sizes, so the values ​​in the oven also vary. The optimal temperature is 180 degrees Celsius (if you cook with hot air, reduce it to 170 degrees). It will allow the meat to be cut, but at the same time it will not burn. This of course also depends on the processing time. The general rule is to bake for one hour for every kilo of meat. So if the carcass weighs one and a half kilograms, you should bake for one and a half hours. It is worth occasionally wrapping the meat with rendered fat that flows into the roasting pan. Thanks to this you will avoid overdrying and the pieces will be perfectly juicy.

Another way is slow cooking at 100 degrees. Thanks to this, the temperature of muscle fibers increases more slowly, which translates into better behavior of juices in meat. 



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